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Get better Insights with Sitecore Engagement Intelligence

A few weeks ago Sitecore released a very exciting addition to our existing Engagement Analytics applications. Engagement Intelligence are a great choice for a Digital Analyst, as it offers great flexibility for accessing data, creating own custom Dashboards (reports) and pretty much lets you segment on everything.

So ever wondered which Persona, visitors from US that have searched for Ski and booked a flight matches most?
Now you can get that insight with Engagement Intelligence.

For this post, I have used the Engagement Intelligence Datamart (OLAP Cube) and Targit for Engagement Intelligence (BI Tool).

Sitecore have already many Dashboards available that can be used with Targit for Engagement Intelligence, so when I open Targit for Engagement Intelligence – it looks like this:
Sitecore Engagement Intelligence Overview

Let me highlight some of my favorite capabilities with Targit for Engagement Intelligence.

Access to data
You get access to Dimensions and Metrics from the Sitecore Analytics Database, which you can use to create your own rich Dashboards AND it’s easy, insert a new table, add the Dimensions and Metrics needed and you get the overview.
Create Custom Dashboards in Engagement Intelligence
(Click to enlarge)

With Sitecore Digital Marketing System – you can Own the experience and be relevant for different visitors with different needs. One powerful capability is to enable profiles (like Personas, Product interest, Stage in Customer Life Cycle etc.), to track implicit behavior on the site and match visitors to different groups that can be used for personalization.

With Engagement Intelligence you also get access to Profiles Dimension and can use that for Insights and Segmentation.

Example, which Keywords are most valuable for Parent Visitor Type?
Keywords by Parent Visitor Profile

And which are most valuable for Romantic Visitor Type?
Keywords by Romantic Profile in Engagement Intelligence

Useful insights that could be used to segment visitor by used keyword or increase spend in keywords to attract right Visitors.

Drill Down
Once you are using some of the existing Dashboards or have created your own, you can easily drill down to find insights.

Example, here I have used 2 min. to create a dashboard, with a lot of insights – I should mention I have focused from the data point of view rather than the UX (which of course always should be considered).

Just looking at this – without the drill down, it would be data puke.
Drill down in Engagement Intelligence
(Click to enlarge)

However if I click on Booking conversions, I see the other Metrics change accordingly, which gives me insights to which are my most valuable assets leading to Booking conversion, which pages are most important, which keywords was used by visitors who booked, which traffic sources was most valuable and which profiles.
Drill down in Engagement Intelligence step 2
(Click to enlarge)

Let me also drill down on Visitors who have searched for Ski and are located in US.
Drill down in Engagement Intelligence step 3
(Click to enlarge)

Now I can answer the question…
The Persona, visitors from US that have searched for Ski and booked a flight matches most are Parent Persona. Useful insights that could be used for launching new marketing initiatives towards that group.

We all know, that if we want the truth we have to ask Mom…
In Engagement Intelligence MOM is Marketing Optimization Matrix, very simple and yet powerful – on the X axis we have Visits and on the Y axis we have Value. We have divided this by to lines that represent Average Value and Average Visits, which leaves us with a Matrix.

In the Example below I have Chosen Online Campaigns for the last week
Marketing Optimization Matrix in Engagement Intelligence
(Click to enlarge)

The circles represent different Campaigns, when I hover these I can see specifics. Just by looking at my Campaigns like this, I would properly be very unhappy with the yellow circle – a Campaign where we are getting a lot of visits, but no valuable conversions – a great insight that could be used to optimize the site/Call to Actions, for visitors arriving from that Campaign.

The Dark Blue Campaigns is great, Many visits and Value – The Light Blue, is a great converter – we should properly increase traffic acquisition for that.

Merge Data
Finally we are able to combine data from different sources, so I could take my Dimension and Metrics from the Sitecore Analytics and merge that with other data sources, e.g. CRM, ERP, Ad Serving Stats and create unified Dashboards.

Example take Marketing Campaign Costs from PPC and Revenue from ERP and combine that with Sitecore Analytics about Campaign Performance.
Merge Datasources

Hope you will get a chance to “drill” in to Sitecore Engagement Intelligence, there are many insights to be found by diving into data and have this flexibility at hand.

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