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About me

Well growing up with computers, like my first ZX Spectrum+, got me hooked on technology.

In the eighties  (when I was a kid) it was mostly playing games (remember Jetpack?) and printing labels, like “This belongs to”..

In the early nineties I used computers for setting up documents, posters etc. and fooling around with BBS – Wauw is was amazing to log on through a modem (300 baud in the beginning) to a system with other users/members to exchange files/messages etc..  In the mid-nineties I got access to the Internet and my first learn HTML book, soon after I had created homepage for my neighbors company, it was with frames and some nice roll-over buttons navigation :-)

My study direction was also aimed at New Media, learning how to create interactive CD-roms with Macromedia Director together with designing and coding websites.. And yes my neighbors company also got a nice CD-rom presentation with a memory game, with pictures of their vehicles ;-)

In 1999 I started a company together with 2 buddies – Koege Internet (later vi changed name to ROTATOR), we were a web bureau which did websites for customers, in the beginning I was coding a lot – HTML, JavaScript, Flash and Active Server Pages, but as the customer amount grow my role changed to project management, sales and administration. But always tried to get my fingers on some code, to get up-to-date.

In the early 2007 we were 6 people and had made solutions for +200 customers with our own developed CMS, Browser Opdatering (in english Browser Updating) – we decided to sell the company to a close business partner, Visma Software, where we had created a webshop add-on to our CMS, which was closely integrated with their ERP system. In Visma Software I was Senior Manager and later International Product Manager for web and eCommerce products.

It was cool to be a part of a large company like Visma, with a lot of cool products, employees, partners and customers – but I wanted to try to work with an upper-scale CMS with large customers, where CMS was not just a tool for creating content – it was an important business tool with possibilities for optimizing sales and marketing. So in mid 2008 I decided to join Sitecore, working as a Sales Manager in Denmark.

In this blog I will write about subjects like online marketing, digital strategy, cool add-ons to Sitecore and whatever rumbles in my head.

This is a personal blog, the opinions expressed here represent my own and not those of my employer.

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